SNS Organic Dipping Powder

Overlay $40 
Full Set w/Tip $47 
French w/Tip $50 
SNS w/Manicure $13 Extra
Remove SNS $5 Extra

Mermaid Collection Pedicure

1. Luxury Organic Nuskin & Fresh Orange (60 mins) $70 

Orange extract and Fresh Orange with vitamin C recharge your feet slow rate of free radical damage which causes skin dryness and wrinkles at the same time skin helps blood circulation smooth and youthful skin.
Addition: Mineral bath, fresh orange, paraffin wax. mask, hot towels, body lufra, ice dancer, sole solution, fire walker.

2. Luxury Cosmo Green Tea & Fresh Aloe Vera (60 mins) $70 

Fresh Aloe Vera & Allure combination of green tea and Honey results in amazing healing, properties for the skin, keeps skin healthy. Due to its high antioxidant content, the skin is discharged with toxins and pollutants, Vi'hich is cosmo spas green tea, and honey will increase blood circulation white deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin which results in a fresh glowing, and revitalized appearance.
Addition: Green tea soak, fresh aloe vera. nourishing mask, hot towels, paraffin wax, collagen lotion massage, and moisturizing cream collagen.

3. Serumspa Pedicure (60 mins) $70 

(Include Paraffin & Longer Massage)
A. Detox Pure
Deep detoxification of pores, skin surface, and odor control. Usage of clay and other naturally detoxifies ingredients that effectively. Due to cleansing, purifying, and sanitizing the skin
* Mate Leaf: Reduces inflammatory substances in the skin
* Soap Worth: Natural but powerful sanitizing agent for skin ailments
* Cacao Seed: tanning in Cacao effectively
* Gypsophila Flower Improves skin metabolism by purifying waste matter
Addition: Mineral foot bath, refining skin polish, clarifying earth mask, soothing massage cream pure skin serum, skin-perfecting cream.
B. Moisture Soothe
Hydrating and nourishing skin utilizes a bubbling mechanism, where fine bubbles are formed, helping clean the pores and simultaneously delivers intense hydration to the skin.
* Aloe Vera Flower: Boosts moisturization and prevents dryness
* Okra: Contains pectin with excellent moisturizing properties
* Mulberry leaf: Speeds up skin recovery cycle and promotes healthy skin
* Hibiscus Flower: Prevents moisture from evaporating
Addition: Hydrating bubble bath Fresh-Skin exfoliation. Moisture foam mask, hydro massage gel, bounce booster serum, sorbet gel cream
C. Slim & Firm
Slimming and Firming loose skin and cellulite, potent natural ingredients that reduce fat. cellulite, and locks in skin-benefiting nutrients from escaping the dermal layer for a firming effect.
* Forskohlii Root: Strengthens then skin barrier and distributes nutrients
* Grapefruit: Vitamin C promotes collagen production
* Coffee bean: Strong effect on Cellulite and inflammation
* Guarani Fruit: Effective at breaking down fat deposits and promoting circulation
Addition: Slimming salt bath, caffeine cream smoother, tightening and Firming mask sculpting, massage gel, tone, glow serum

Acrylic Nails

Overlay Acrylic $30 
Acrylic Full Set $30 +
Acrylic Refill $20 +
Gel Full Set $50 +
Gel Refill $40 +
Pink & White (Solar) Full Set $60 
Pink & White (Solar) Pink Refill $40 
Pink & White (Solar) Back Refill $45 

Manicure & Pedicure

Gel Shellac $20 Extra
French Tip $5 Extra
Remove Old Gel $5 Extra
Organic Manicure $20 
Organic Pedicure $35 
Organic Gel Manicure $40 
Organic Pedi & Mani $55 

(Clean, cuticle care, callus remove, exfoliate, massage, polish)

Luxury Organic Manicure & Pedicure

Gel Shellac $20 Extra
French Tip $5 Extra
Remove Old Gel $5 Extra
* Luxury Organic Manicure (Nuskin) $35 

(Includes Longer massage, paraffin wax)

1. Signature Luxury Pedicure (35 mins) $41 

(Paraffin $10 extra)
Foot soak, cuticle care, sugar scrub, callus treatment, mask, hot towels, lotion essential oils, and massage.

2. Luxury Organic Nuskin (40 mins) $45 

(Paraffin §10 extra)
Nuskin pedicure is a printed natural product extracted from nature. All the combined products help to retrieve refresh and comfort your feet for the ultimate relief sensation
Addition: Mineral bath, body life. ice dance, hot towels, fire walker.

3. Luxury Detox Volcano (40 mins) $45 

(Paraffin $10 extra)
A unique pedicure experience that gives skin a detoxifying and rejuvenating treatment starting with luxurious bubbling ‘Volcano” action to arouse a pleasurable sensation
*Lusciously sweet honey scent mask and lotion contain collagen to retain elasticity and keep glowing and youthful
Additions: Detox Volcano Crystal, Detox Volcano Activator, Collagen Cream Mask, Collagen Lotion Massage.

4. Luxury Cosmo Green Tea & Honey (45 mins) $50 

(Paraffin §10 extra)
Green tea and honey result in amazing healing properties for the skin. Due to their high antioxidant content, the skin will be flushed of towns and pollutants, which is the best solution to reverse aging. Cosmo spas green tea and honey will increase blood circulation while deeply moisturizing and revitalizing look.
Addition: Green tea soak, sugar scrub, nourishing mask, hot towel, collagen massage lotion, moisturizing cream collagen

Additional Services

Gel Polish Toes/Nails $22 
Regular Polish on Toes $15 
Regular Polish on Nails $12 
Remove Gel Polish $5 
French Tips $5 
Cut and Shape $5 +
Coffin/Almond/Pointy shape $5 +
Nails Repair $5 
Nails Design $6 +
Matte $5 
Long Nails $5 +


Eyebrows $12 
Lips $8 
Chin $10 +
Full Facial $39 +
Half Legs $40 
Full Legs $65 
Bikini Line $35 


Extension Full Set $120 - $150
Extension Refill $40 - $80
Mink Individual Full Set $45 Up
Individual Full Set $37 Up

Free Drinks

(of your choice)
Hot Coffee
Dr Pepper
1 drink per person